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A Quick, 10 Minute Bodyweight Workout you can do Anywhere

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Since I’m huge into fitness and health, in addition to being a DJ & Music Producer, I constantly get asked how I’m able to workout while traveling so much. My main focus regarding fitness is Bodyweight Workouts – you can do them anytime, anywhere, no equipment required. This allows you to get a quick workout in regardless of where you are or what you’re doing.

Below is a 10 minute Bodyweight Workout that is both quick and simple, yet extremely challenging. The good thing about this workout is that you can do it numerous times and still make it difficult, as you’re going for max reps within a given period of time. Under the video below I have written out each move incase you want to save it for later!

Side Note: If you need workout music, check out my electronic music here: Freccero’s EDM Workout Music.

Workout Structure: 10 Moves, each move is done for MAX reps (do as many as you can) for 30 seconds, followed by a 30 second break. Then repeat for all 10 moves!

The move list is below, but remember: Most of these moves is easier to understand visually, so make sure to watch the video above as not only do I explain the workout but I also demonstrate each move.

Move List

1. Jumpin/Sumo Jacks: While standing, alternate between jumping and spreading your legs, then bringing them together. If you want to make these more difficult, crouch down (like you’re almost in a squat) while doing the same motion.

2. Mountain Climbers/Ups & Downs: Get in a push-up position, and bring one of your knees to your chest, and then alternate with the next one. To make this harder, do mountain climbers while in the regular push-up position, and then while in the down push-up position (where your chest is almost touching the ground).

3. DDRs: Start by standing on one leg, and then – as fast as possibile – alternate by bringing each knee to your chest while moving sideways. Feel free to do either 3 or 5 alternations right to left, then left to right, repeating this back and forth.

4. Push-Ups (with Optional Walk): Check out my video on how to do the perfect push up for proper technique. To make this harder, try walking in the push-up position between reps.

5. Squat Jumps: Start crouched, and then jump up as high as you can go. Land softly, and then repeat.

6. Bicycles: Get in a sit-up position, and alternate by touching your elbow to opposite knee (ex. right elbow to left knee). It should look like you’re on a bicycle while doing these (hence the name).

7. Burpees (with Optional Punches): From standing, go into a crouched position, then a push up position, then back to the crouched position, and back to standing. Keep repeating this process. To make it more interesting, throw in a couple punches while in the standing position.

8. Cross Push-Ups (with Optional Walk): Do push-ups like before, except alternate between having one hand higher than another.

9. Plank/Sphynx: On the ground, go on your forearms and toes. Hold that position for the entire time. To make this harder (doing a Sphynx), go on your forearms and backs of your feet (you’ll have to remove your shoes for this).

10. Supermans: Lie on your stomach, and lift your arms and lower body so you look a banana, and then return to the ground. Repeat.

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