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9 Items To Have In Your Car When Distance Driving

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I wrote a post a while back about 7 techniques for distance driving, just to improve your driving experience. I had a few comments from people asking what I would suggest to bring with you while driving (as oppose to actual techniques).

I will say that some items on this list will apply to you more than others, but I wanted to mention all of them as they can greatly improve your driving experience. Lets begin!

1. Phone Chargers

I mention this immediately because 99% of people use their phone for GPS, music, talking, etc. Make sure you have a car charger because your phone battery is going to be draining like crazy and the last thing you want is to be stranded with no way of contacting someone to help you out.


2. AAA Card

Seriously, get an AAA card. It’s only $100 a year and this can really save you in case your car breaks down or your in a rough situation. Just to be transparent, they didn’t ask me to mention them and I’m not getting any referral bonuses for doing so – it’s just an unbelievable membership that every driver needs to be a part of. You can also check out their 42 Piece Emergency Road Assistance Kit, as it will have everything you might need in case of an emergency.


3. Spare Tire & Tools

At the very least, have a donut (a temporary wheel). Having the proper spare tire and tools for attaching it can save you a ton of time and money. The last thing you want is a flat tire and have to wait a couple extra days to get to your destination.


4. Jumper Cables

Now these aren’t as necessary for distance driving, but you should have them anyway. Especially if you wake up one morning and by accident left your lights on, jumper cables can quickly start your car up again and get you back on the road.


5. Portable Tire Inflator

This one you’re probably least likely to get on this entire list, but I wanted to mention it because it saved my ass a few times haha. My first car had a tire that would go flat every couple weeks, so a portable tire inflator was extremely helpful. The only downside with this is that if your tire pops an inflator is useless – so only get this if you have a leaky tire.


6. Extra Tank of Gas

Above anything on this list, I feel like this is the most important when distance driving. Sometimes when driving you can easily have miles upon miles between gas stations, and having an extra tank of gas can really save you. Make sure you get a tank that is designed for gas – or else you can have bigger problem on your hands. You can get a 5 gallon gas tank for only $30, and that can go a long way.


7. AUX Cord

With me being a DJ/Music Producer, being able to connect my phone to my car is huge. I can listen to podcasts, Soundcloud, Pandora, and any other streaming services. You can get an AUX Cord for only $5 and it will be the best five bucks you’ll ever spend.


8. Phone Holder

Like I mentioned above, so many people use their phone as the GPS, so having an adapter to connect your phone to a windshield is crucial. Not only does this make it easier to read the GPS but it’s also a million times safer than looking up and down to check your phone.


9. Snacks!

Last but certainly not least, snacks for the ride! My two favorite snacks/food are protein powder, as it you can easily combine it with water and it keeps you full, and Soylent, which is powdered food (it’s not as bad as you think!). As I mentioned in the post about distance driving techniques, you get extremely dehydrated when driving for hours, so make sure to drink a ton of water in addition to eating right.


  1. Barbara Rivers - January 28, 2017 6:44 am

    Great tips, the phone charger is definitely high on my list of things to remember on a longer road trip. I’ve made the 12 hour trip from Sanford, NC to Memphis, TN several times last year, and my awesome, awesome external iPhone battery charger (nrobatteries, bought it on Amazon) has kept me connected to my GPS/Maps and my podcasts throughout the entire time (btw, I found you through Pat Flynn’s Smart Passive Income Podcast!).

    • Marc Freccero - January 28, 2017 2:56 pm

      Thats awesome! And yea Pat is the man


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