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8 Ways To Make Money While Traveling

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Yesterday I posted about 8 cheap, quick and healthy ways to eat while traveling. My goal, both with that post and in general, is to encourage more people to travel and explore what life has to offer. A big compliant that I receive though, which is very understandable, is that people don’t have the funds to travel. The truth is, if you budget and plan correctly, money shouldn’t be an issue.

Before I start on this list, I want to stress this: The goal isn’t to make money when traveling, it’s to have money when traveling. Huge difference. If you save money in the correct ways, you won’t have to make as much – if anything, you won’t have to work at all.

I use all these techniques while traveling, so feel free to post a comment if you have any questions!


1. CraigsList Gigs

This is, by far, my #1 technique for making money while traveling. If you go onto CraigsList and select the gigs section in the bottom right corner you’ll find a bunch of jobs that are usually temporary and quick. When I travel around to different areas I’ll look at the gigs section of each city that I’m in and see if anyone needs help with anything that I have experience in. For example, you might find that someone needs help moving a dresser and they’ll pay you $50 for just an hour or two of help.

Keep in mind, as you can imagine, that there’s gigs that can be really sketchy. The more you use CL Gigs the more you’ll get accustomed to ignoring the weird/perverted offers. Like anything, just use your best judgement.

Another point to keep in mind is when you get paid. Sometimes it’s immediately after your gig, but other times – like in the case of promoting – it can take a month to get paid. Always double check to see when they’re going to pay you.


2. Focus Groups

Focus Groups are an excellent way to make money when traveling, although I look at them as side cash as oppose to my primary source of income. I can (and I have) lived completely of CL Gigs, but Focus Groups are really difficult to do so.

Focus Groups are events when companies will pay a lot of money to hear your opinion about a given topic. The tricky aspect about focus groups is that you have to fit their mold. For example, they may want males from the age of 24-32 who shave 3 times a week with a disposable razor. That’s an actual demographic for one focus group that I was applying for. They always have a questionnaire to see if you fit the mold, but those usually only take 4-5 minutes.

The best part about focus groups that they usually pay immediately after and I’ve easily gotten $150 for only an hour of work. If you want to find focus groups in your area (or when you’re traveling), check out my full post on it here: Focus Groups.


3. Online Blog/Vlog

Entire sites are dedicated to teaching you how to make money blogging, so I’ll keep this one somewhat brief. If you make money blogging you can be anywhere in the world and keep working. For me personally, I make money mostly via this blog and my YouTube Channel. There are numerous ways I make money blogging/vlogging though, and you can check out my post on the 5 Ways I Make Money Blogging for more information.


4. Remote Work

I could have grouped this one with making money blogging, but I find this is a slight bit different. There are a lot of jobs that require an online connection to submit your work but require offline work. For example, you could be a ghost writer, text editor, graphic designer, telemarketer, video editor, language teacher (via Skype), music editor, masterer (it’s for music production), business consultant, programmer, etc.

There are a lot of possibilities for remote work – I would suggest making a list of the 10 things you’re good at and Googling to see what remote work opportunities there are. You could be very surprised of what you come up with.


5. Fiverr/Elance/Odesk/etc…

Similar to remote work and making money blogging, you could put your own services on these outsourcing sites and see what comes up. For example, on my own Fiverr, I have a gig that I’ll master one of your tracks. With Fiverr, you only make $4 per service, so it’s usually for smaller things, but it can be a nice source of income. With the other sites, you can charge a lot more, and if you’re good at a niche field you can make a lot of money.

The main difference, for me, between this and remote work is working for yourself or another person. With Fiverr/Elance/Odesk/etc, you post how much you charge and do everything all on your own schedule. In the other case, you work for someone else, so it can be tricky in terms of scheduling (ex. telemarking requires you to call between specific hours).


6. Offline Work

Depending on your skill set you can find work while traveling that’s not online. Usually these are longer in duration (month or two), but it allows you to travel and explore a new area. For example, if you do nursing, there’s a lot of traveling nurse programs – and they will even pay for living expenses too. For me, I have my degree in Accounting, and there’s a site called Accountemps where you can get temporary Accounting gigs in any area.

What I would suggest to do is search for temporary work in your given field and see where you can go. The most important aspect of finding offline work is that it’s temporary – this allows you to explore more regions.


7. Street Performing

If you are good at anything creative (acrobatics, dancing, drawing, spray painting, music, etc) you can make a decent income from street performing. For me, I’ve done Parkour, Breakdancing, and even Street DJing to make a few extra bucks. This is a bit more risky than other options because you can have a lot of competition with other performers and it’s tough to predict your income, but I personally know people who have traveled and only made their income from street performing. Depending upon your creative skill set, you might or might not need equipment, so that can be hindering as well. The best part? It’s all cash, so you get paid then-and-there with no hassle.

If you want more information, check out my full post with techniques here: Street Performing.


8. Jobs that PAY you to travel

Out of any of these options this is the most practical. There are a lot of jobs out there that pay you to travel. What happens is you have a certain base (ex. Boston) and they pay you every so often to travel to different areas and conduct your work. Sometimes it’s every week (like a Consultant) and other times it’s every few weeks (like a Field Service Engineer). The reason why this option is the most practical is that they will not only pay you your normal salary, they will pay for your hotel, airfare, meals – basically everything. This is a FREE way to rack up miles and hotel points without spending a penny out of your pocket.

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