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8 Cheap, Quick and Healthy Ways to Eat While Traveling

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I absolutely love traveling as it’s an incredible way to meet new people, experience new sights, and gain a whole new perspective on the world. Traveling isn’t as hard as most people think it is but there are some complications that arise while bouncing around from place to place.

I have a strong philosophy to stay healthy, workout, and eat right – even when traveling. However, it’s a lot more complicated to eat healthy while traveling around – and to do it without breaking the bank.

Here are my 8 tips for eating while traveling – while still insuring that the meal is cheap, quick and healthy. Although some of these products may seem a bit pricy initially, my overall goal is to lower the CPM (Cost Per Meal) as much as possible. Most of them are really cheap when you figure out how much your paying per serving – that’s the key. Side Note: Check out my post on Bodyweight Workouts for free workouts that require no weights and you can do anywhere!


1. Soylent

I’ve talked about Soylent a lot, especially when I was traveling making The Light Nearby. Soylent is powered food, and I lived completely off it for 4-5 months while traveling. It has everything your body needs, and I felt amazing while I was taking it because it’s only the healthiest ingredients.

Here’s the complication with Soylent: It costs roughly $10/day, and you have to store the powder. Meaning that if you’re flying everywhere, Soylent wouldn’t work. If you’re driving (like a road trip), it’s perfect.

Jumping back to the price, it depends on your situation. For example, if you rented an RV with a fridge, you probably would save more money just buying food as oppose to Soylent. However, if you were in my situation where you have to eat out almost every day, Soylent will save you a lot of money (you could easily spend $10 on one meal).

If you want more information, check out my full post about Soylent here: Soylent Review.


2. Athletic Greens

Athletic Greens is more of a supplement than food, but I wanted to include it on this list because it’s absolutely incredible for you. Famous entrepreneur Tim Ferriss even recommended Athletic Greens in his book Four Hour Body as a perfect way to get tons of vitamins and minerals while traveling around. As oppose to Soylent, Athletic Greens is more portable, as one container will last you a month.

When it comes to the price, it can be a bit expensive, but with my link (this one) you’ll get 50%, which comes out to roughly $50/month. Although it’s a bit more that I would usually spend on vitamins, the amount of super foods, herbs & antioxidants, digestive enzymes and probiotics make it worth it – especially if you’re traveling.

Check out Athletic Greens here: Athletic Greens


3. Nuts/Seeds

Soylent and Athletic Greens are a good start, but now I want to get into real, tangible food. Nuts and seeds are a perfect way to get tons of protein quickly, in addition to being very portable. Hands down, Almonds are the best choice in terms of nuts, but they all have great health benefits.

Along with nuts and seeds, trail mix is a great option. Be careful though – most trail mix’s contain tons of sugar, which is the last thing you want. Check out Men’s Health and Energy Trail Mix for a good option.


4. Baby Food

Before you judge this one too quick, think about the benefits. Baby Food doesn’t require refrigeration until you open it, is extremely quick and portable, and you can buy it anywhere. Even better, there’s rarely any preservatives, sugar, etc in baby food as the focus is more on the nutrients than the taste. This is an extremely overlooked technique for good nutrients while traveling, especially because most containers of baby food are small, which makes it easier to ration out.


5. Pre-Cooked Eggs

Sometimes this can be tricky to find, but in most grocery stores you can buy hardboiled eggs that are already pre-cooked. Eggs contain all 9 essential amino acids, tons of protein, and are considered a powerhouse when to bodybuilding and packing on muscle. I’ve seen deals where it’s only $2 for 6 hardboiled eggs, and you could easily make that last all day. The only issue is that they have to be refrigerated, so it’s a bit tricky when traveling – I usually have them for one meal.


6. Garden of Life

Garden of Life has amazing products, one of their best ones being their Raw Meal line. I wouldn’t suggest living completely off the Raw Meal line (as oppose to Soylent), but these are perfect to substitute for a meal. My favorite one is definitely the energizer, as it gives you a little boost during your day. Everything in the Garden of Life products are high quality, so there’s no issue of getting some weird food or preservatives. The only downside is that they’re not the best tasting, that isn’t a big issue to me.

Check out my review of them for more information: Garden of Life Review


7. Canned Food

Canned Food is always a quick and easy way to get nutrition in, all you need is a can opener. The only issue with canned food is that they can be really heavy when you have a lot of them, but overall you can get a lot of nutrients really quick with canned food. Personally, my favorites are canned tuna, salmon, black beans, chicken, and mixed vegetables.


8. Protein Powder

As the name suggests, protein powder is a really quick way to a strong source of protein. There are different types of protein, fast acting (Whey Protein) and slow acting (Casein Protein). Your best bet is to have Whey Protein after doing physical exercise and when your really hungry, and have Casein Protein in the morning and night. This will keep your hunger levels down while also providing your body with exactly what it needs.

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