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7 Tips for Beginners Building a Tiny House

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Building a Tiny House seems like an incredibly impossible task, but it doesn’t have to be. There’s a lot that goes into building a Tiny House, and in this blog post, I want to talk about 7 tips that can speed up your building time. These tips range from building techniques to general guidelines – everything that you should know when building your own Tiny House!

1. Obtaining Materials

Getting the right materials is obviously important, but one of the hardest parts about getting materials is the cost. Most peoples’ goal with a Tiny House is not only minimalistic living but also cost effective living.

One of the best ways to get materials for cheap (or even free!) is to first check CraigsList – you’ll be surprised what you can find in the FREE section. Another tip is to go to construction sites and ask if you can use any scraps that they’re throwing out. Especially at big sites, you’ll be surprised how much materials they’re just throwing away – that you can easily snag and use for your house.


2. Compression

Knowing how to compress the items in your house can greatly increase the amount of room and items. For example, rather than having a table, see if you can build or find a table that can shrink down super tiny, making it easier to store away.

There are numerous different ways to do this, but always ask yourself: Is there anyway I can compress this item to take up less room when I’m not using it?


3. Stupid/Weird?

As the classic saying goes, “It’s not stupid if it works.” When it comes to Tiny Houses, this couldn’t be more true. Being more specific, however, “It’s not weird if it works.” A lot of times, especially for minimalistic living, you might have to do things that are very unconventional. Remember though: It’s key to look at functionality over what might be weird or stupid.


4. Consult with Friends

When it comes now to specifically building the Tiny House, there’s a lot of different elements. Everything from construction, to electricity, to painting, and more are all various tasks that require specific skills. Before building, always ask friends, post on Facebook, etc to see if anyone has friends that can do a specific trade. You’ll be surprised how many of your friends have connections to people that can help you out.

This is crucial, as it’s tough to do everything all on your own. Especially if people have been doing a specific trade for years, they’re going to be better at certain things rather than learning them yourself.


5. Plan Intensely

When it comes to design, it’s critical to plan as much as you can. Even if you’re extremely minimalistic, space is going to get extremely tight faster than you think. As best as you can, plan everything out in as much detail as you can before you start building. This becomes even more important once you start putting furniture and items into it, as the layout becomes even more tricky.


6. Mobility

Now when it comes to planning intensely, nothing is ever going to be perfect. The more you live in the tiny house, the more you’ll adjust things. This is why it’s necessary to keep the items in your house as mobile as possible. One great technique is to put Furniture Wheels on everything that you have – that way, you can lock the wheels when you don’t want to move it. But when you do, you can unlock the wheels and move it anywhere you want.

You’re constantly going to be rearranging items and finding more creative layouts, so keeping items mobile is extremely important.


7. Pre-Made Tiny House

Last, but definitely not least, is to consider buying a pre-made tiny house. For example, here are a few pre-made tiny houses that you can purchase via eBay right now:

Always remember to always check the fine print and details, because every deal is different. Every tiny house is in a different “stage” of the building process, and by buying a tiny house that’s already somewhat pre-made, you can skip a lot of stages that might be difficult (depending on your experience).

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