7 Techniques for Generating Ideas for Blog Posts & Videos

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I’m constantly brainstorming ideas and generating content for my blog and YouTube channels, and over time I’ve had thousands of posts, videos, social media blurbs, and more. Since I’m extremely active with not only DJing and Music Production but internet marketing, I get asked constantly what my techniques are to always come up with new and interesting content to write and talk about.

As a result, I wanted to make this post and video for anyone out there looking to either start their own blog/channel or make their current one even better. Here are my 7 techniques for generating ideas for blog post and videos!

1. Keep your Eyes and Ears Open

The biggest tip, by far, is always be aware that you could think of your blog post or video at anytime. Throughout my day, I’m always conscious that I might think of a good idea, and I’ll instantly write it down or put it in a note on my phone.

I originally got this technique from stand-up comedians, who will always look for interesting topics throughout their day that they can add in their routine.


2. Keyword Testing

This topic alone could have an entire book written about it, so I’ll unfortunately have to keep this one brief. Through Keyword Testing you’re able to see what people are searching for on Google and other search engines, and that information can be invaluable. By searching any topic (ex. Music Production), you’re able to see what questions and comments people are search for in releation to that topic.

If you want to learn more information about Keyword Testing, watch my video below about how to do it efficiently:

3. Ask People

I do this constantly on my Facebook, Twitter, etc – I ask people if they want me to do any videos on any specific topics. This works wonders, mainly for two reasons: 1. It gives you a unique idea for a video that you might not have thought of and 2. It gives you the opportunity to create a personal connection to the person who asked that question.

By stating in the beginning of your video, “Ben from Arkansas asked…,” it creates a more personal touch that gives you followers for life.


4. Look at the Comments

I find this more applicable for YouTube than your blog, but it works either way. Always, always, always read though as many comments as you can and engage with your followers. Not only will this create a better presence overall, but you can figure out what other videos and content to make. If a bunch of people post a comment related to the same question, you can be sure that even more people want to know the answer to that question – and that creates an opportunity for another video or blog post.


5. What would a Beginner want to Know?

In this day and age people are using YouTube and Google as their teachers. The amount of free content and resources online is staggering, and tons of people are flocking to these sites to learn every craft imaginable.

Take advantage of this by asking yourself this question: If I was a beginner in [specific field], what would I probably search for? For example: If I was a beginner in video production, what would I probably search for? Well, I would probably research what’s the best camera, how to upload videos, how to edit videos, what editing program I should use, etc.


6. What Topics do YOU Know About?

This technique works wonders not only for avid bloggers and YouTubers but also for people looking to start their own channel and site. Make a list of everything you’re into (and know a lot about), and make it as broad as possible. Then, break each topic down as specifically as you can, as each ultra-specific topic can be an entire post or video.

For example, I can breakdown Fitness as such: Fitness -> Parkour -> Bodyweight Training -> Handstands -> Handstand Basics -> Best Body Position When Learning a Handstand. As you can see, I could easily make a hundred more topics by breaking down each field ultra-specifically.


7. Recent Events

I wanted to save this for last, just because it’s a bittersweet technique. Talking about recent events can be really good, because you can gain a lot of traffic that way. However, on the flip side, you’re less likely to have the residual traffic that most internet marketers really want.

For example, “How to do a Push-Up” is a timeless topic, but a post about the 2016 presidential election would never be viewed a few years past the election. Although you might get a lot of traffic because it’s such a hot topic, that traffic will die off quick. If you do happen to touch on recent events, make sure you balance it with posts/videos that will still want to be watched 10+ years into the future.

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