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7 Techniques For Marketing On Soundcloud

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Soundcloud single-handily revolutionized the music industry, and love it or hate it, it’s definitely here to stay. Everyday, numerous Producers and Musicians post their music, further promoting their name to the world. I post my music on Soundcloud all the time, as it’s an amazing way to gain traffic. Like any social platform, there are a bunch of marketing techniques out there, so here are 7 tips for marketing on Soundcloud!


1. Include Social Media Links in Track Description

Most artists post their links on their profile – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. While that’s a given, few artists also post those links in the description of their tracks. Most Soundcloud users listen to tracks on an individual basis – meaning they’re more likely to see the description of the track than your profile. Help them find you in other places!


2. If it’s a remix, include original artist in track title

Not only is it important to give the original artist credit, but it actually improves clicks on your track by having the original artist in the description. For example, I did a remix of Do You Still Feel? by Rain Man & MAX, and I titled it “Rain Man & MAX – Do You Still Feel? (Freccero Remix).” Numerous people will search Soundcloud for remixes of a particular artist (ex. Rain Man Remixes), and having their name in the description helps you jump to the top of the search results.


3. Free vs. Payment vs. Call-To-Action

Although it’s common sense, the more people that listen to your music the better. Album/Track sales are not what they used to be, and artists make most of their money from touring. Therefore, I always allow people to download my music for free or pay for it. It’s not surprise that people are more likely to download your track if it’s free, and this helps improve your outreach.

What I sometimes do is have a track free for download via Soundcloud, and then I include a Buy link as well. Therefore, if someone wants to support me, they have the option. I also sometimes put a call-to-action link – these are links that have you follow for a free download, like for a download, and more. In my opinion, ToneDen is the best site for call-to-actions (it’s free!).


4. Meta-Tag Relevant Genres

Tagging is where you tell various search engines what your content is about. In the case of Soundcloud, many users tag the main genre of their music (ex. Big Room), but stop there. Numerous users will search for tracks just based off genre, especially specific sub-genres (ex. Neuro-Hop). Tag a decent amount of sub-genres that represent your track, as this will help people find your track.


5. Unique/Eye-Catching Artwork

While music is the key, humans are extremely visual, and having good artwork can help your track get picked out. While I wouldn’t spend tons of money on artwork, I would consider putting a decent amount of work into it. You can either hire someone from Fiverr or make your own album/track artwork.


6. Like & Repost Your Own Tracks

Now this depends upon your style, but liking and reposting your own tracks can help improve views overtime and keep attention on your music. I’ve found that numerous Soundcloud users look at another user’s likes, or favorite tracks. Therefore, by liking your own tracks, people will find your music within your list of other favorite tracks.

With reposting, it can be useful by reposting a playlist (album, EP, etc) after it’s released, as it jumps to the top of the recent tracks list.


7. Make REALLY GOOD Music

Last but certainly not least – make extremely good music. “The cream rises to the top” is a very common statement said in the music industry, and it couldn’t be more accurate. If you make incredible music, people will share it, making the marketing game easier. Don’t get me wrong – marketing has become increasingly more important for musicians, but your focus should be on making music first – marketing a very far second.

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