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5 Ways to Lower Alcohol Consumption

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With me being here in LA, I’m constantly going to exclusive events, parties, festivals, concerts, shows, and more. At most of these events, there’s always an open bar, which makes it extremely easy to drink too much and not notice how much you’re having on a weekly basis.

Because I’m so big into health and fitness, I make sure to keep my alcohol consumption at an extreme minimum, despite having easy access to it. One big question I’ve been asked numerous times is how I drink so little, even though I’m attending events numerous times a week. While it’s easy to say “just drink less,” I’ve been asked for specific techniques (logistical, psychological, etc) to make it easier, so here are 5 ways to lower alcohol consumption!


1. Filling the Void

One of the biggest questions I ask people is Why they’re drinking – is it to have more fun, talk to the sex they’re attracted to, deal with some sad/depressing situation, and more. Remember that alcohol is a drug like anything else, and most people use drugs to fill some type of void that can always be filled in a different way. For example, instead of going out drinking to take your mind off something, why not do something athletic? Or something creative? Or playing video games?

You’ll be surprised how much other activities, especially healthier ones, can fill the void you’re using alcohol for. This may be the most important tip on this list, simply because if you feel like you’re drinking too much when going out, there might be an underlying reason – and it would be a good idea to search for it.


2. Increase the Alcohol to Cup Ratio

What I mean by “increasing the ratio” for 1 drink is to make your drinks bigger, with the same amount of alcohol in them. For example, doing shots is arguably the quickest and easiest way to get drunk, but it’s also too easy to drink too much. What I suggest is having one shot of liquor in 16 or 24oz of club soda – that way, you have to drink a lot more liquid for each drink, but you’re still only having 1 alcohol drink. This alone will fill you up faster, and it also helps when you’re drinking socially – so you’re not mindlessly drinking too much.


3. Pick your Poison

Everyone has a certain alcohol that they absolutely hate because it hits them too hard. For some people it’s tequila, others its vodka, etc – the list goes on. For me personally, weirdly enough, it’s beer. So when I’m looking to only have a couple drinks, I’ll specifically choose beer, because I know 2-3 beers will give me the same “buzz” as 4-6 shots of liquor. Most people when drinking want to feel that “buzz,” so by reaching it on fewer drinks, it makes it easier to drink less.


4. Set timers

One great tip that I do a lot is setting a “drink(s) per hour” maximum. For example, I usually shoot for 2 drinks per hour, or one every half hour. Whether it’s a shot, cocktail, beer, wine, etc – I make sure to only have a drink every half hour. When this is combined with tip #2, it can be really effective. You’ll be surprised how strong of a “buzz” you get when you focus on your drinking, rather than not thinking about what you’re doing and then all of a sudden have too much. This also works really well for open bar events, especially because they’re usually more high profile events.


5. Start on a Different Foot

Everyone’s been there: You plan on only having a couple drinks, but then once you start to lose your buzz, you decide to have just one more. And then more. And then all of a sudden, you’ve had too much. One excellent tip is that when you get to the venue, start your night off by having a coke or diet coke – and then drink it slowly. You’ll be surprised how little you’ll drink after starting your night off this way, as you naturally will get accustomed to being in that environment without being drunk or having a drink.

This also works for pregames too, where you just have soda to kick the night off. The better you get not drinking around people who are, the easier it will be to have significantly less (if at all) while going out.

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