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5 Ways I Make Money Blogging

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I love blogging, as it’s the perfect way to connect all of my interests at one place. I have my Soundcloud for my music, YouTube for my videos, Instagram for my pictures, etc. And with my blog, it’s the best way to unify all of my different networks and fields all into one area.

In addition to the benefits of unification, I’m able to make money blogging. Not only is it a great source of side income, it’s an amazing source of passive income. Don’t get me wrong – it takes a long time to make it a solid source of income and there numerous factors involved, but it’s well worth it.

Since this has always been a huge topic of conversation around blogging, I wanted to post my 5 ways I make money blogging. If you have any questions, feel free to post a comment!

1. Ads

This is definitely the most commonly known method to make money online. If you look to the right of this post you’ll see some ads displayed by Google. Sometimes it’s a picture, sometimes it’s a video – it all depends upon Google’s algorithm (I don’t pick what ads appear). I make money from ads two different ways: 1. Impressions (meaning you saw the ad but didn’t click on it) and 2. Clicks (actually clicking the ad). As you can imagine, I make more money from clicks than impressions, and overall I usually make money from a combination of the two.

2. Affiliates

Affiliate Marketing is one of the biggest ways bloggers make money. If I recommend a product on Amazon, for example, and you click my link, I’ll make a commission off your purchase. Notice how in the pervious sentence the word Amazon is highlighted? It has a special tracking link attached to it, and I make a commission if you buy anything within 24 hours of clicking that link. There are hundreds of Affiliate programs out there, all ranging with different commission structures and compensation.

3. Personal Products

If you ask any professional blogger (someone who’s primary profession is blogging) what their number #1 source of income is, they will all say it’s the personal products they create. By making a blog about a specific niche and gaining a following, they will help promote any ebook, video, workshop, etc they make. For me, I’m a DJ/Music Producer, so I’ll make money from people purchasing my music. I definitely make the least from people purchasing my music (I give most of it away for free), but it’s still an income source nonetheless.

4. YouTube

It can be very easily argued that YouTube is a completely different platform – which it is – but I put it in this post because my blog and YouTube Channel are heavily intertwined. I have every single YouTube video embedded in my blog (except for my videos that are just my tracks playing). YouTube is one my favorite sources of income online, mainly because it’s one of the most passive sources for me. I’m not as active on YouTube as I used to be, and I still get more and more money each month from it – while doing absolutely nothing. It was definitely a slow process to make as much as I do now on it – and it was well worth it. If you want to find out more information to make money on YouTube, check out my posts here: How To Make Money On YouTube and How To Make YouTube Videos.

5. Notoriety/Publicity/Reputation

Out of online income streams, this is the most overlooked in my opinion. I personally think everyone should start a blog, and one of the biggest responses I get is: Why? While I could answer that in a whole other post, one of the biggest reasons is that you get a strong reputation for whatever niche you are writing about. Through my blog, I’ve gotten paid offers for fitness, DJing, traveling techniques, ghost writing, and more. In addition, I’ll constantly get more and more listens on my music from my blog – which in turn builds my music following, resulting in more paid gigs. If you’re looking to start your own website, I would suggest going through BlueHost as it’s the most reliable hosting service out there.

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