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5 Things I Wish I Knew BEFORE Visting Vegas

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I’ve been to Vegas countless times, and I absolutely love it. Like any city, there’s a right way to do Vegas…and a wrong way. In this blog post I’m going to talk about the 5 things I wish I knew BEFORE visting Vegas. It’s easily one of the best party cities in the world, and everyone should go (at least) once in their lifetime.

Side Note: I’m a DJ/Music Producer, and I wrote a track encapsulating Vegas’s vibe in musical form. Check it out here: Vegas by Freccero.

1. DON’T Pay to get into Clubs

Now this comes down to just the nightlife scene in Vegas, but if you get connected with promoters, you don’t have to pay to get in – anywhere. Especially for girls (sorry fellas), clubs thrive on having tons of people there for an upbeat vibe.

If you’re going to Vegas as a guy, the general rule is that you need 1 girl for every guy (1:1 Ratio). Sometimes there are nights that both girls and guys get in for free, but it really depends upon the night. Also – make sure to get to the clubs early. Be respectful with promoters (here’s what you SHOULDN’T say) and you’ll have no problem walking in with ease.


2. DO NOT Go on a Holiday Weekend

When it comes to various holiday weekends (labor day weekend, etc), I never go to Vegas. The only exception for me is EDC, which is a big electronic music festival – besides that, holiday weekends are the worst time to go.

Here’s why: Vegas is always crazy. No matter what time you go in, it’s always going to be a good time. During the holiday weekends, all prices are jacked up, you almost always have to pay to get into clubs (unless you’re a girl), and it’s so intensely crowded (and not in a good way). Just trust me when I say that it’s a million times better on just a normal weekend.


3. It’s Very Cheap (when done right)

I know tons of people who’ve hit me up saying they want to go to Vegas, but have to have “minimum $1,000 to blow.” Or “you can’t go to Vegas unless you have at least $800 ready to lose.” The truth is, I barely spend any money each and every time I go to Vegas. The most expensive part about going is the hotel, and even that isn’t too bad if you follow my advice on tip #2.

The biggest factor is gambling – I’m not much of a gambler, so that doesn’t really concern me. If you are, it could easily make your trip a bit more costly, so I would plan accordingly. But overall, I promise that if you do it right, Vegas can easily be a super cheap vacation that’s an absolute blast.


4. You can drink Anywhere on the Strip

Always be safe when consuming alcohol and be responsible.

The Las Vegas strip is one of the only places in the entire country that you can legally drink out in public. In addition, as oppose to Bourbon Street in New Orleans (where you need special cups), you can have any type of alcoholic container in your possession and drink it out in the open.

It’s important to say this, because when it comes to going to the clubs in Vegas, you can literally drink in the line up until the point where they let you in. Referring back to tip #3, this can save you a lot of money if you’re on a budget, because you can buy drinks on the strip (which are reasonably priced) and then walk around with them.


5. Plan a Walking Day

Last – but definitely not least – plan a walking day. Anytime I bring people to Vegas for the first time, the very first night I plan to just walk around with them and show them the hotels. Too many people plan each night for a different club, without really exploring the strip.

I promise you, walking along the strip and looking at all the billions of dollars that went into the production is incredible. What I usually suggest is to snag a couple drinks and just walk around, exploring each hotel, all the amazing scenery, and just soaking in the vibe. Although it seems like not the best way to start Vegas, I promise it really helps set the vibe and energy.

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