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5 Techniques For Drinking Coffee Healthily

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Last week I posted the 10 Health Benefits of Coffee and the responses were interesting. People said they really liked reading/hearing about the benefits – the only issue was how they should drink coffee. Obviously you shouldn’t have caffeine at 10pm, but are there any other methods to drinking coffee?


1. Timing Is Key

I joked in the video that it’s “2:30pm so I still have time,” and the reason why is that the time you drink coffee is extremely important. In the morning your cortisol levels are high, which isn’t a good time to have caffeine. The best time is roughly an hour after waking, so if you have a 9-5 job, wait until you actually get in the office to start drinking.

In addition, stop drinking around 3pm. Studies have shown that even if you don’t feel the caffeine buzz it’s still disrupting your sleep cycle. The half-life of caffeine is roughly 5-6 hours, which is a while, so time it right.

2. More Coffee = Better

There are numerous health benefits, so drink as much as you feel comfortable. I’ve even heard of studies suggesting 5 cups/day, which is even more than I drink. More importantly, however, is what you have in the coffee – which leads me into my next point…

3. Black With Ceylon Cinnamon

If you’re drinking coffee with tons of sugar and milk it’s not the best thing for you (obviously). The absolute best way to have coffee is completely black with ceylon cinnamon. For lack of better explanation, ceylon cinnamon is “real” cinnamon (as oppose to cassia cinnamon which is “fake” cinnamon). The reason why I suggest cinnamon is that there are tons of health benefits, so the combination of black coffee and cinnamon is a huge packed punch.

4. Pre-Workout

It’s no surprise that pre-workout supplements like N.O.-XPLODE are not the best for you. While they may help you lift more and perform better physically, they’re not the best for your body (especially when taken almost daily). Coffee is an excellent pre-workout supplement – I have a cup of coffee every time before my workout. I would suggest having it roughly 20 minutes before you plan to workout, as it takes roughly 15 minutes for caffeine to kick in.

5. Intermittent Fasting

I’m not going to go in-depth on Intermittent Fasting in this post, but the main idea is to fast for a certain period of the day. For example, I don’t eat from 10pm at night until 2pm the next day (16 hour fast). The health benefits of fasting are tremendous, as studies have shown it increases life span, builds muscle, burns fat, and more. Coffee is perfect with Intermittent Fasting, as it helps suppress your appetite – making the fasting period easier to handle.

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