5 Scientific Reasons You Should Say Affirmations Every Day

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If you look at any successful entrepreneur, athlete, musician, actor, writer, and more, you’ll notice one commonality (among a couple): They repeat their goals and affirmations every day. They picture exactly where they want to be months, years, and sometimes even decades before it happens.

Now I want to say something important here: It doesn’t matter if you’re religious or not, if you’re spiritual or not, if you believe in “The Universe” or not – however you want to word it. I’ve had people tell me that they don’t visualize where they want to be because they’re an atheist or don’t believe in a higher meaning.

That’s 100% okay, as in this post I’m not going to talk about religion or spirituality. What I want to do is emphasize the importance of visualizing your goals and repeating affirmations everyday. In this post I’m going to talk about 5 scientific reasons that you should repeat affirmations everyday, as they truly are an amazing component to success.


1. You Know What You Want

As stated by Lewis Carroll, “If you don’t know where you’re going, any road will take you there.” One important hidden variable of saying affirmations everyday is that it forces you to figure out exactly where you want to be. This allows your path to become more clearcut, and studies have shown the more detailed and bigger your goal is, the harder you work for it. In addition, the work you do is more accurately driven – you have a specific direction. Which helps for the second one…


2. Backwards Deconstruction

This is probably no surprise: When you have a specific plan, it’s easier for follow. It’s one thing to have a clear goal, but it’s another thing to have a clear plan to get there. By saying affirmations every day, you understand the end destination, which allows you to backwards deconstruct how to get there. Rather than just driving endlessly, hoping you stumble upon something, you have a specific route that you can derive by working backwards. While this isn’t a “scientific” reason per se, it allows you to formulate a plan easier, thus saving your the most precious commodity we have: Time.


3. Conscious Barrier

There are thousands and thousands of bits of information happening every second. For evolutionary reasons, your mind filters all these out, and picks the most important bits to bring to your conscious attention. For example, when you look at a wall that’s “one” color, it’s not one color – it’s a bunch of colors that shade, but your mind makes it appear like it’s all one for quick processing.

Ever been in a huge crowd of people but then someone says your name? Right away your attention is drawn to it, even though there are hundreds of words being spoken every second. This is because your mind has determined it is evolutionary necessary for your name to be heard, and that’s only one example.

That also happens when learning something new. Ever had the experience where you were studying a specific subject and – all of a sudden – you see it everywhere? It’s nothing mystical, it’s just that your mind now considers it important to bring to your conscious attention.

Now when you study your affirmations every single day, you’re essentially telling your mind that this information is incredibly important. You’ll be surprised how much certain opportunities will start popping up, not because it’s something divine, but because your mind is now more sensitive to any potential bit of information that relates to your goal.


4. Increased Happiness

It was found by researchers that planning a vacation actually made you incredibly happy – if anything, they found it’s one of the happiest parts of the entire vacation process. Likewise, when you picture your goal/affirmation in full detail, the anticipation of it can increase your happiness. And it’s been found by researchers that you perform 31% better in every cognitive area when you’re happy than when you’re not.

If fully picturing your affirmation/goal in detail doesn’t make you happy, then you need to switch your goal. It should excite you and fulfill you, which makes you happier and allows you to perform more effectively – in addition to working with passion.


5. Allows for chunking

As explained by The Kaizen Way, when you celebrate small wins & small goal accomplishments, it allows you to get closer to your overall goal. By repeating your affirmations every day, it reminds you of all the smaller goals involved, which allows you to celebrate the small victories along the path to getting there. Like I said with Reason #1, if you don’t know where you’re going any road will you there, and it’s impossible to celebrate any small wins.

By repeating affirmations everyday, it keeps you in the loop of where you’re going, which further reminds you of “Hey – I just got closer to my goal yesterday. Woo!”

Overall, the path to accomplishing any goal can be difficult, but affirmations greatly allow you to see clearly in an otherwise foggy path.

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