5 INCREDIBLE Start-Ups you NEED to check out

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This generation – our generation – has the most entrepreneurs in history. Start-Ups are popping up everywhere, and it’s amazing to see how much creativity and innovation is happening in such a small period of time.

With so many start-ups happening left and right, I wanted to feature 5 incredible start-ups that are absolutely killing the game right now. Each of them is different in nature, and each one helps change the world in one way or another. With each start-up I’ve included a link to their site in addition to mentioning the owners name, as I personally know all these people. Check them out!


1. Bedly (Martin Greenberg)


Since we live in such a fast moving world, people are traveling more than ever and sometimes want to stay longer than a few days in a new place. Not only that, but staying a month in a hotel or Airbnb is pricy – especially if you’re planning on spending more than just a few nights. Martin worked to solve this issue with his business Bedly. Bedly is a site where you can rent a room in someone’s house month-to-month, without any hassle or tricky paperwork. Renting a room in a house is a huge commitment, and Bedly provides you with a long-term stay at an exceptionally reasonable price.

Official Website: Bedly


2. Hub Parkour Training Center (Dylan Polin)

Hub Parkour Training Center

Yes, I’m talking about Parkour, as yes, I’ve seen that episode from The Office. Dylan has too, although it probably wasn’t the motivation to build the first ever Parkour gym in Massachusetts (or maybe it was…). As you can imagine, Dylan is an incredible athlete who’s been both practicing and training Parkour for years. Boston has a huge Parkour community, and in the past they didn’t have gyms to train in – until now. The picture above is only one-half of the gym, as the rest of the gym contains tons of obstacles, different layers, bars, mats, random objects and more. It’s created by athletes, for athletes. Even if you’ve never attempted Parkour, I highly suggest checking their gym out in Norton, MA.

Official Website: Hub Parkour Training Center


3. Slaney HD (Alex Slaney)

With the birth of the internet and computing, internet companies and start-ups are popping up everywhere. The problem with the internet is that anyone can post something online – meaning it can be a huge hassle trying to find reliable information online. Luckily, Alex was determined to provide people with accurate computing information on his YouTube channel Slaney HD. What I really like about this channel, compared to other YouTube channels, is that he’s 100% congruent with what he knows and really strives to show people how they can accomplish tasks themselves. In addition, he works to help reveal frauds in the computing industry to further make it easier for people, both with hardware and software. The above video is his current computer that he built from scratch – demonstrating how knowledgeable he really is.

Official Channel: Slaney HD


4. My Main Squeeze (Cassie Cerasuolo)

With people being increasingly more healthy, and really watching what they eat and drink, smoothies have been on the rise. Studies have shown that you absorb more of certain foods when in liquid form (rather than solid form). The problem with smoothies is that tons of companies (Odwalla, Naked, etc) put in tons of sugar – making their drinks bad for you, creating the opposite effect. Cassie set out to solve this dilemma, by creating the first smoothie and juice bar in East Longmeadow, MA. All her smoothies and juices are custom made, and created on-the-spot. She only uses natural ingredients and provides her customers with tons of health information to further assist them with nutritional questions. The video above is one I took while in her shop – I only had time to tape for 15 seconds, as the line in her place is usually packed to the door.

Official Website: My Main Squeeze


5. American Bench Craft (Jason & Chris Angelini)

Last – but certainly not least – is American Bench Craft. Per the video above, I visited their business and got to see how they custom make all their wallets. They have a patented design, which allows the wallet to last for years. Combine that with the highest quality leather and metal fasteners (no thread stitching), and you have a wallet that’s been blowing up like crazy since they started. In addition, everything from their manufacturing to materials is made in the United States, demonstrating what American engineering can do. This is the only wallet I have now, as the customization and quality is second to none.

Official Site: American Bench Craft

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