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5 Fun Things to do After Collecting 120 Stars in Super Mario 64

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I’ve started to do a lot of Gaming Videos on YouTube, not only because it’s fun but it’s a great way to promote my music. Since I’m a DJ/Music Producer, playing video games is a good way to talk about my new tracks and even feature some remixes of video game songs.

One game I’ve been playing a lot – and completed – is Super Mario 64. It’s easily one of my favorite games of all time, as there’s so many unique levels. Not to mention, the controls and gameplay is incredible. There’s two goals in the game: 1. Beat all 3 Bowsers and 2. Collect 120 Stars. Collecting all the stars is no easy task, but once you do, there’s some fun things to do afterwards.

1. The Canon Outside

Once you start the game, immediately go to the left. Normally, there’s a grate covering an opening, but after 120 stars, it’s open. This allows you to jump in the canon and shoot anywhere, including the top of the castle – which has a lot of goodies.


2. Yoshi!

Once you get to the top of the castle via the canon, you can get a couple lives, grab the wing cap for fun, and then talk to Yoshi. You’ll get 100 lives, so stock up and try a bunch of fun challenges.


3. Triple Jump

Not only does Yoshi give you 100 lives, but he gives you a new move: The triple jump. You might not notice this right away, but it’s there. To do it, perform the maneuver for the double jump – this time, however, when you would normally double jump you’ll perform a triple jump with stars and everything.


4. The Fat Penguin

Head to Cool, Cool Mountain – the snow level on the first floor of the castle. When you jump in the house to go on the slide, the penguin will be there…I mean really there. After 120 stars the penguin gains a lot of weight, making it a fun star to try and beat him when he’s a lot bigger.


5. Bowser’s Special Message

Finally, after beating the final Bowser, he’ll give you a special message. You can collect 120 stars to see what he says, or you can watch the video I posted above of me beating him and read it for yourself.

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