4th of July

4th of July (Independence Day)

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With the 4th of July being one of – if not – the most epic holiday in America, I wanted to make a track to commemorate it. This track, 4th of July (Independence Day), is a blend of Country and House for a perfect combo of American vibes. I had a blast producing this track, fusing numerous different styles into one catchy and energetic track.

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Song Explanation

With this track being about America’s independence, I started it off with epic horns to begin with a Cinematic vibe. I then quickly jump into the main guitar melody, creating the Country vibe pretty early on to help set the song up. After the quick intro, I add in a bunch of elements (percussion, kick, bass, etc) to really make a chill yet catchy vibe.

As the first verse progresses, I add a vocal splicing melody, adding more to the catchiness while also making a chill feeling. For the verses, I pictured drinking a Budweiser while grilling burgers on a nice summer day (the American dream).

I then jump into the build, which changes energy as it goes into an electro house drop. I had the melody be very celebration like, as July 4th is the biggest celebration out of the year. As the drop continues, I then bring in some of the elements from the first verse, blending the upbeatness of house along with the chill and relaxing elements of country.

On the second verse, I continue the main melody, however I bring in a saxophone to add a jazzy vibe. Since America is credited with Jazz from New Orleans, I wanted to add in a nice sax and piano for some funky/jazzy elements.

Then everything all builds up again into the second drop, which is basically the exact same as the first. I didn’t want to switch up the melody because at this point it’s already stuck in your head, so I just added more percussive elements to make the second drop more lively than the first.

The track then goes into the outro with the vocal splicing and guitar, which finally closes out with the sound of fireworks.


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