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15 Hilarious Stand-Up Comedy Routines

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I absolutely love stand-up comedy. I truly think it’s the hardest performing art, as you’re forced to be in front of a crowd – with no scripts – and be funny for a few hours. I constantly listen to stand-up and attend stand-up shows, always discovering new comedians and amazing routines.

Here are 15 hilarious routines that you definitely have to hear – I’ve posted the video (if possible), but either way these are so good.

Remember: There is a lot of profanity in some of these routines. In addition, these are jokes. The view points in these routines don’t reflect my personal opinions.

Side Note: I produced an album blending Comedy and Electronic, where I combine stand-up routines with house music. Listen to it for free here: Comedy House by Freccero


1. Indians – Louis CK

2. Dr. Dick – Tom Segura

3. Growing Up – John Heffron

4. Women’s Rights/Father’s Day – Jim Jefferies

5. I’m ’bout It ’bout It – Hannibal Buress

6. Greeting Card – Kevin James

7. Gun Control – Chris Rock

8. Old Couple – Billy Gardell

9. Some Jokes – Demetri Martin

10. Shit On The Coats – Dane Cook

11. McDonalds – Jim Gaffigan

12. Sunny D is Nasty – Kyle Cease

13. Shut The Fuck Up – Anthony Jeselnik

14. Road Trip – Gabriel Iglesias

15. Bruce Who? – Christopher Titus

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