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15 Hilarious Stand-Up Comedy Routines (Part 3)

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Here is Part 3 of my series featuring 15 hilarious stand-up routines. If you haven’t yet, check out Part 1 and Part 2.

Remember: Like I said in the previous parts, these are jokes. These don’t reflect my personal viewpoints on these topics. In addition, some of these routines contain profanity and are NSFW (Not Safe For Work).

Side Note: I produced an album blending Comedy and Electronic, where I combine stand-up routines with house music. Listen to it for free here: Comedy House by Freccero


1. Rap Music – Chris Rock

2. Impressions – Jimmy Fallon

3. Gay Gift – Chris D’Elia

4. One Night Stand – Dane Cook

5. Let’s Talk About Asians – Bert Kreischer

6. Bar Equity – John Heffron

7. The ED Incident – Christopher Titus

8. Hairy Penines – Chad Daniels

9. Movie Guy – Pablo Francisco

10. Some People Suck – Tom Segura

11. Stand-Up Monologue on SNL – Louis CK

12. Cerulean – Daniel Tosh

13. Guitar Humor – Dana Carvey

14. Gun Control – Jim Jefferies

15. Application Form – Jimmy Carr

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