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15 Hilarious Stand-Up Comedy Routines (Part 2)

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I’ve always been a giant fan of Stand-Up Comedy, and after I posted Part 1 of 15 Hilarious Stand-Up routines by tons of talented Comedians, I realized one thing: There were so many more videos I could have posted. Therefore, I decided to post Part 2 – 15 more hilarious routines, ranging from so many aspects of life and performance styles.

Remember: Like I said in Part 1, these are jokes. These don’t reflect my personal viewpoints on these topics. In addition, some of these routines contain profanity and are NSFW (Not Safe For Work).

Side Note: I produced an album blending Comedy and Electronic, where I combine stand-up routines with house music. Listen to it for free here: Comedy House by Freccero


1. The Machine – Bert Kreischer

2. Taking a MD Sufferer to a Prostitute – Jim Jefferies

3. The Passport – Chad Daniels

4. Choppin’ Broccoli – Dana Carvey

5. Married Life & Women – Chris Rock

6. Oddly Racist – Bill Burr

7. I Did Some Real Drugs… – Louis CK

8. Working Class Family – Billy Gardell

9. Camping – Jim Gaffigan

10. Most Offensive Jokes – Jimmy Carr

11. Friend Nobody Likes – Dane Cook

12. Magic Mike Story – Gabriel Iglesias

13. New Orleans – Hannibal Buress

14. Fast Food Drunks – Nick Swardson

15. Standards & Practices – Anthony Jeselnik

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