11 Quotes That Changed My Life

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I’ve met incredible people from all over the world and I’ve had mind-blowing conversations. As a result, there are few pieces of advice that I’ve received that have always stuck with me. Each one of these quotes was the result of an actual conversation I had with the person, some of these statements paraphrasing what they said.


1. Jason Adams (VP at Venusian Arts)

“Everything in both life and business is about value distribution. Find out what value you can bring to other people and businesses that no one else can bring. Once you do, maximize it to make yourself truly unique and unforgettable.”


2. Sonny Moore aka Skrillex (DJ/Music Producer)

“Always create products with the mindset of someone else using it. Create art that gives people a strong emotional reaction, and let it be so strong that it speaks volumes on its own.”


3. Henry Winkler (Actor)

“Out of any technique out there, the best key to success is treating each person you meet with respect and genuine kindness.”


4. Ben Black (Financial Analyst)

“Your life is like a book that you’re always writing. When you look back on this chapter, do you want to read that you gave it everything that you had, or that you gave up?”


5. Eric Thomas (Motivational Speaker)

“Always stay positive and have the biggest smile on your face no matter how bad situations get. Be consistent with your vision, and re-evaluate daily where you’re going to make sure you’re on the right path.”


6. Jeff Samek (Philosopher)

“The age of the body does not dictate the strength of the mind.”


7. Karli Loudon (Entrepreneur)

“As cliche as it sounds, don’t ever give up. Let your success do the talking, because that speaks more than anything you could say. Have your success speak first – your story speak second.”


8. Nate Tetreault (Actor & Fitness Model)

“ALWAYS listen to your inner voice. Sometimes it can be tough because your emotions may be crazy, but your inner voice knows what’s best. It knows what you’re going to wish you did 20 years from now.”


9. Gabriel Azua (Entrepreneur)

“Work really really hard. If you get lazy scrubbing toilets, you’ll get lazy with bigger pursuits. The small details matter, and the key to making them noticeable is by doing each small task perfectly.”


10. Erick Orrosquieta aka Deorro (DJ/Music Producer)

“The key to making it in any industry isn’t trying to ‘make it.’ The key is to work on and master your craft – if you do that, you’ll definitely make it.”


11. Richard Freccero (Principal)

“Anytime you do something, just go out and have fun. At the end of the day, you have to do both good and bad things in life, and you might as well have fun with it. You have to do it anyway, so it’s better to have fun than be stressed about something inevitable.”

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