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10 Incredible Chillstep Tracks

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There are numerous different sub-genres within electronic music, and in my opinion, there’s not a more intense and emotional genre as Chillstep. Chillstep blends the percussive elements of Dubstep with the progressiveness of trance and house, usually topped off with captivating vocals. It’s definitely one of my favorite genres, and as a result, I wanted to feature 10 incredible Chillstep tracks that are incredible in their own way.


1. Flow by Freccero

Yes, I decided to feature one of my own tracks. This track is one of my favorite songs that I’ve produced, as I tried to describe the feeling of being in Flow in musical form. I’m really excited to say too that this is also now the official theme song of The Art of Adventure Podcast, as the track describes that feeling of being free and adventurous.

2. Open Window (feat. Anna Yvette) by MitiS

Considering I’m listening to this track right now, I definitely had to feature it. This track features incredible piano melodies along with beautiful chord progressions, further being blended with the incredible vocals of Anna Yvette. It’s definitely a catchy melody, one that will be stuck in your head for a while.

3. You & Me by Skrux

I happened to stumble upon this track, and I’m incredibly glad I did. It’s tough for me to say what my favorite chillstep track is, but this one would be a top contender. The vocal splicing and ambient elements make this an incredibly powerful song, one that will definitely bring you on a captivating journey.

4. Indian Summer by Jai Wolf

This track is extremely unique, and one of the best I’ve ever heard. It starts off with a serene atmosphere with a unique melody, building up to a euphoric drop with future bass elements. While some chillstep tracks can be emotionally intense, Indian Summer an uplifting track that demonstrates how a simple melody can be so powerful.

5. Worlds Apart (feat. Kerli) by Seven Lions

NO chillstep list would be complete without Seven Lions. He is a genius producer who makes unbelievably complex tracks, making it no surprise that he’s gotten hundreds of millions of listens around the world. It was tough to pick one track by him, but I decided to go with Worlds Apart as it showcases Seven Lion’s production genius along with dreamy vocals by Kerli.

6. Wasting My Young Years (Sound Remedy Remix) by London Grammar

Sound Remedy has such a unique production style, and he creates intensely emotional tracks that really come alive. In this case, I decided to pick his remix of Wasting My Young Years by London Grammar, as he really amplifies the message of the song and tactically implements his own elements into the remix.

7. Love Is All I Got (Friction Remix) by Feed Me & Crystal Fighters

This is an incredibly awesome track. As oppose to most chillstep tracks that are slow moving, this is a fast paced, upbeat track that’s wicked catchy. The perfect vocals, combined with the unique blend of pads and heavy bass synths, make this track a rush from start to finish.

8. Roses (feat. Rozes) by The Chainsmokers

Don’t let their hit single #SELFIE fool you – this track is a beautiful production combining future bass elements along with a chillstep vibe. The numerous elements packed into this 4 minute track is astounding, and it fully demonstrates why The Chainsmokers are at the top of the game right now. If you haven’t heard this yet, get ready – it’s insane.

9. SuMmeR by Marshmello

Every one of Marshmello’s track’s is a crazy original musical journey that is both fun and exciting. Summer is one of my favorite tracks, as it contains an extremely catchy melody with the perfect amount of atmospheric elements. Such a cool track.

10. Crave You (Adventure Club Remix) by Flight Facilities

…of course. Adventure Club’s remix of Crave You is arguably the most famous chillstep song in history, and for a good reason. This track perfectly combines the elements of the original Crave You by Flight Facilities with the electronic elements of chillstep and dubstep. All in all, this track is an absolute masterpiece, making it the best way to finish this list off.


  1. sevin - December 26, 2016 11:27 am

    This is a great list and I really enjoyed your track “Flow.”

    • Marc Freccero - December 27, 2016 2:47 pm



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