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10 Health Benefits of Drinking Coffee

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There’s nothing better than getting your computer set up, having a cup of coffee, and cranking out some work. Not only is coffee incredible for keeping you focused and awake but there are numerous health benefits to drinking coffee daily. Here’s a list of 10 awesome health benefits of coffee! Note: Watch my video on 5 Techniques For Drinking Coffee Healthily to increase the benefits!

1. Increased Energy & Focus

Yes, this is the main benefit that we all know and love. Coffee, especially heavily caffeinated coffee, is perfect for keeping you going while working. There’s a lot of other awesome benefits though!


2. Drinking With Cinnamon

One of the main techniques I described on my video of how to drink coffee healthily is having coffee black with cinnamon. Cinnamon contains numerous health benefits too, so having both coffee and Cinnamon packs a huge nutrient punch with tons of benefits.


3. Burns Fat

Coffee has been shown to boost calorie burning by 4% just after one cup of coffee, so drink up! Remember to avoid the sugar though, as that will hinder this benefit.


4. Improved Physical Performance

I have coffee before I work out, as it’s been shown to increase physical performance. Not only that, but if you like pre-workout supplements, coffee is a way healthier alternative.


5. Reduced Risk of Type 2 Diabetes

Over a four-year long study it was found that those who drink coffee have an 11% lower risk of Type 2 Diabetes than those who don’t drink coffee. What was even more interesting is that those who purposely decreased their coffee intake had a 17% higher risk of developing Type 2 Diabetes.


6. Increased Happiness & Fights Depression

Coffee has been shown to increase your happiness level and ward of depression. Even more interesting is that in a Harvard study it was found, for both men and women, that coffee decreased suicide risk by 50% – that’s a HUGE number. Remember though: If you’re going through a depressive episode, contact a therapist or hospital.


7. Extends Life

Backed by numerous studies, it was found that men who drank coffee had a 10% lower chance of death and women had a 15% lower chance. There could be numerous reasons for this, but overall, coffee packs a huge nutrient punch that goes a long way.


8. Best Source Of Antioxidants In Western Diet

Now I’m not saying that the western diet is the best diet but it doesn’t mitigate how many antioxidants coffee has. Drink up!


9. Prevents Cardiovascular Diseases

Now this doesn’t mean you can skip the gym, but coffee reduces the risk of cardiovascular diseases by up to 38%.


10. Prevents Cirrhosis

Cirrhosis can result from numerous reasons, but one of them is excessive alcohol consumption. Not only is coffee great for a hangover but it has also been shown to prevent cirrhosis, which is directly related to excessive alcohol consumption.

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